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Welcome to Your pictures site. This can be your own, personal site where you can make up to 10 albums with practically no limited number of photos. The limit exists, of course, but it depends on your Wikidot account, considering that the storage space is different for free and for Pro sites. You just have to clone it, and start uploading the pictures…. If you want, you can delete this text, and make you own personal home page…

If you are a Main Administrator of this site, and want to use it as your personal collection of picture albums, you just have to start using it. But if you want to give this site to someone else to use it, then this person must register first, and then you have to give this person a level of moderator with all the privileges, or make him an administrator, so he can make albums. A simple membership of this site is reserved for a site owner's friends, who can make comments to the photos.

I hope you will enjoy!

If you are just a visitor and want to comment photos, you have to register to this site.

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